Testing Limits and A Fiery Affair, now 99c

by VelvetFletcher on November 2, 2013

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Yes, you read that correctly.

My two books are now 99c, because I am a sucker for punishment apparently. Buy them. You won’t be sorry.

Testing Limits FINAL COVER small

Eliza Anderson is sexy, smart, and moving up the corporate ladder as fast as she can. She prides herself on always being in charge – except in the bedroom.

When Eliza’s husband Luke demands her presence at the fetish dungeon they frequent, she can’t turn him down. Little does she know, Luke has a bigger night planned than Eliza can even imagine.

How far will Eliza be pushed before she breaks? After this night, will things ever be the same between them again?

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A Fiery Affair small

Meredith needs a boyfriend. Her libido tells her so, her best friend tells her so, and her long lonely nights with only a book to keep her company tell her so. But finding a boyfriend in her bush town isn’t as easy as you’d imagine.

That was before the gorgeous Declan Knight showed up and tried to kill her, sort of. He’s dark and mysterious, and he’s definitely interested in finding out what Meredith is hiding under all her clothes.

When Declan appears on Meredith’s doorstep late at night, she has to decide: Let him in and see what happens? Or forever wonder.

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