Pay the god damned writers

by VelvetFletcher on February 11, 2014

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In my other life, which doesn’t revolve around synonyms for genitals and detailed descriptions of raunchy exploits, I run a website. A well known, well thought of website, with a decent readership base and a nice amount of traffic.

And every day you can guarantee someone is asking me to write for free.

Promote my brand! I’ll pay you in branded mugs and an alarm clock!

Write about our promotion! We’ve got enough money to run TV advertising during prime time, but you’d be doing it for love.

Can we interest you in some samples to write about?

Free content? We’re giving you free content! WHY DON’T YOU WANT OUR CONTENT?

Here’s the thing: I don’t need your content. Contrary to popular belief, I have more than enough content. Miles of fucking content. Buckets of it. What I don’t have is time enough to sit down and write about your product for free.


No no no no.

I enquired about cover art the other day, from a cover artist I respect, whose work I like. I wanted to know how much he charged, so I could budget a professional cover into my expenses.

I didn’t ask him to work for free. I didn’t promise him I would be great for his portfolio. I didn’t try and weasel my way into his good graces and then shame him into working for free. I asked about his rates, thanked him for getting back to me, and organised my budget so when I need cover art, I can pay for it.

Why the fuck doesn’t everyone think like this?

“Oh no, we absolutely don’t have a budget.”

You’re a PR company being paid by a giant multinational company, but SOMEHOW, you don’t have any budget to pay the person doing the actual work of promoting your product?

Geez, I wish everything worked like that.

Sorry guys, can’t pay you for fixing the brakes on my car, but you can totes have my word of mouth advertising for FREE.

No, wait, yes, you’re fixing my plumbing, but I can’t pay you. This is going to be great exposure for you though.

I can’t see it happening somehow.

So dear people who know enough about marketing to think bloggers are a soft touch, but not enough about marketing to realise bloggers talk about which companies are shady shifty bastards who “don’t have a budget” – pay your god damned writers.

Yes you. Even you.

Pay your writers, or I’m going to start emailing the companies you work for.

Word of mouth, baby. It works both ways.


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1 Skye Perkins February 11, 2014 at 1:23 pm

Word of mouth is powerful and can be very damaging here’s hoping they get their act together and realise what your words are worth.

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