Anatomy of a blowjob

by VelvetFletcher on October 17, 2013

in Sex

I trail my mouth
down his stomach
a scattering of hair
leading me towards

His arousal is evident
standing amongst the sheets
like a proud soldier
called to attention
by my command.

I wrap my lips around him,
gasps; music in my ears,
hands fisting the sheets;

He glistens with my moisture,
a well licked cock is a sight to behold
and I am beholding it,

“Please” he mumbles,
throaty with need.
I bend my head again,
the task in front of me
a challenge and
a pleasure.

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Plot Twist THIS

by VelvetFletcher on October 15, 2013

in Humour,People are annoying

You know what annoys me? Being told the book I’m reading has a plot twist. Because then I spend all my time waiting for the twist and wondering if the bit I just read was it.

“Was that the twist? Is this what everyone was talking about?”

Newsflash: Telling someone there is a twist is a SPOILER. You might not think so, but it is, and now I hate you.

The next time someone says “You will love this book, it has the BEST twist in it!” I am going to punch them in the face.


Plot twist motherfucker. You didn’t see that coming.

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About Velvet Fletcher

by VelvetFletcher on September 13, 2013

in Uncategorized

Velvet Fletcher is an erotic writer who has written two books, A Fiery Affair, and Testing Limits.

Velvet discovered writing as a small child, when she realised that books could make her otherwise boring life terribly exciting. Her first story was about a puppy lost in the woods. Obviously she’s grown up a lot. She’s since been a ship’s captain, a seductress, a sword fighter, a shape shifter, a harlot, an adventurer and many more, all without leaving home.

Velvet lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, with her cats, chickens, and garden.

You can find her on twitter as @VelvetFletch, at her Tumblr, or on Facebook.

Her books are available for purchase through both Amazon and Smashwords.


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