It will all come out in the wash

by VelvetFletcher on October 19, 2013

in Writing

I finished a short story and mapped out another, but it’s not that easy (it’s never that easy). My other job requires creative energy, and paid writing comes before potentially paid writing.

I’m new to the erotica game, but not new to writing. I hear there’s a pornocalypse on and I wonder if I chose wrongly, getting into this in the hopes of earning pin money. I don’t want to be a millionaire, but making enough to offset my obsessive book buying habits would be nice.

Oh, who am I kidding, I totally want to be a millionaire. But it’s unlikely.

This has been good for me. I’ve got beta readers now, and it scares me, but I wait for their feedback, trusting their honesty and opinions.

And, while Amazon dismantles the erotica it was built on, and the world is crumbling around our ears, I wonder if it’s worth it – if maybe romance would be easier, or my other love, sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian style books.

But then easier is not something to strive for, is it, and I like the cachet of writing porn, of titillating readers, of pushing my boundaries.

I’ve got projects to complete and masses of writing to do.

Pornocalypse or no, I am writing and creating and moving forwards.

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