Flash Fiction: What is that tingling sensation?

by VelvetFletcher on December 6, 2013

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Declan leaned up on his elbows, looking down at me. I grinned.

“Did you have plans for this evening?” I asked coyly, knowing exactly what I wanted to happen.

“Sure I do.” He bent in and kissed me on the neck, and I moaned.

We’d been in bed for most of the day, nibbling and kissing and napping, but Declan had been teasing me. No sex until I promised I’d scream his name. I was still resisting mostly because I wanted to see how far he’d go to try and make me give in.

So far I was three orgasms in and he was getting progressively harder under the blanket.

“You should let me sort that out for you.” I motioned to the evidence of his arousal. “I know exactly what you need.”

He flopped back down onto his back, tenting the blanket so high I laughed at him. Despite the orgasms, I still wanted him inside me and our stalemate meant no one was getting what they needed.

I wiggled down the bed, pulling the covers with me until I knelt between Declan’s knees.

“Meredith,” he growled.

“I’m helping you out. You know you want me to.”

He didn’t say anything else, so I bent my head, swiping his head with my tongue. Declan leaned back and groaned. His determination was waning with every touch. Wrapping my hands around his erection, I licked him again, slow and hard.

“You’re bad. You know that?” Declan lifted his head to look at me.

I smiled, keeping my eyes locked with his as I sucked him deep into my throat, my tongue swirling against his skin. He tasted of salt, musk and man. A heady combination.

I slid up and down, my tongue licking every inch of him until I felt his resolve breaking. I left him trembling as I came back up to kiss his mouth, pressing the length of my naked body against his.

“Are you ready to give in?” I asked, teasing again as I shifted myself down. The tip of his penis was poised at the entrance to my pussy and I was dying to push down. He twitched against me and I bit back my moan. “I want you Declan.”

“So help me Meredith, I want you too.”

His hands shifted to my hips and I sat up, straddling, wiggling into position. His erection pressed against my lower belly when I leaned forward to kiss him again, before palming a condom from the bedside table. Throwing the wrapper on the floor, I rolled the condom on. He moaned as I gently squeezed him again, teasing.

Then, lifting up, I positioned myself and slid back down, enjoying every inch as I pushed him inside me. Rocking against him, I reached down to touch my clit. I was wet, so wet.

Slowly the rhythm built, Declan pushing up into me as I played with myself, the pleasure growing between us. Declan grasped my hips, controlling the speed. Throwing back my head, I frantically tried to speed up, but he wouldn’t let me.

“Slower, Mer. Come on, I want to hear you scream my name.” Declan managed to say.

Damn him. I’d scream his name if it meant that I got my orgasm.

Pushing down hard, I ground against him.

“Please Declan, I need…” I moaned.

Without warning, Declan flipped me over, so he was on top. He pulled out, until the tip of his penis was just resting against my clit. Not enough. Nowhere near enough.

“Tell me what you need.”

“I need you. Inside me. Now. Please.”

He wiggled his hips a little.

“Are you going to scream my name?”

If it would get me there sooner, I would. I nodded, moaning.

Slamming inside my, he hit my gspot and I saw stars. Over and over again, he fucked me hard. I slipped my hand between us, touching my clit. Declan immediately stopped, reaching down to capture my hand.

“No, I want this to be all me,” he demanded, pulling both of my hands above my head, holding them there. The feeling of being caught excited me more than I wanted to admit and hungrily I thrust my pelvis upwards, wordlessly begging for him.

He gave me what I wanted. Fucking me steadily, I wiggled against his hands, not really wanting to be free, but liking the sensation of being bound.

The pleasure built, faster than I would have believed possible, heightened by the helplessness. I was being fucked and I had no control over how hard or how fast it went. It was intoxicating.

“I’m going to come!” I gasped as Declan hit my gspot again.

He bent in and nipped my neck with his teeth. “Good. Come for me. Come hard.”

That was it. His words sent me over the edge and I came, making my toes curl as the pleasure rocketed through me.

“Declan!” I screamed, throwing my head back as he shuddered and collapsed on top of me, his own orgasm claiming him.

Our breathing slowly returned to normal as he slipped out of me, gathering me into his arms.

“I told you you’d scream my name.”

He was pleased with himself, obviously. I didn’t care, not after a show like that. Modesty be damned, orgasms were worth a little lack of decorum.

Sitting up, I looked around.

“Where did the tissues go?” I asked. “I’m soaking wet and I don’t want to have to change the sheets again.”

“Screw the sheets.” Declan mumbled, flopping into the pillows.

“I’d rather screw you again. And not in the wet patch.”

He reached out his hand, and fumbling beside the bed for a moment, came up triumphant with a box of tissues. Grabbing a handful, I cleaned myself up.

But, wait. What was that tingling? It felt kind of interesting.

“Did those condoms you bought have some kind of minty lube on them?” I asked, looking at Declan. He opened his eyes to look at me.

“I don’t think so, why?”

“Well, my pussy is tingling. Like, a lot.”

And it was true. The tingling increased even as I pressed the tissue harder against myself, trying to stem the feeling.

“Good tingling, or bad tingling?” Declan looked a little worried.

“I’m not sure. Interesting tingling.”

Oh god, the tissues! I hadn’t even thought about it. The tissues were menthol scented. And I’d just pushed them against my vulva.

Declan laughed when he realised. “If it’s interesting tingling, we should take advantage of that.”

The man had a point. Who knew that menthol could be so much fun?


A Fiery Affair smallYou can read about how Declan and Meredith first hooked up in my book “A Fiery Affair.” This flash fiction is set after the end of that story.

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This menthol tissues ending is based on a real occurrence. Tips for beginners – don’t buy menthol tissues to sit next to your bed. It will end with someone wondering why their bits are tingling every single time.

I do these things so that you don’t have to.


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