A rant about tattoos

by VelvetFletcher on July 25, 2014

in People are annoying

We all know Facebook is bullshit, filled with dodgy algorithms and quizzes about what kind of cheese you are.

But sometimes, I see something that makes me so fucking angry. Like the comment thread filled with men discussing tattoos on women.

“It’s okay when they just have a few, but when they’re covered it literally makes me sick.”

“Women with tattoos are disgusting.”

“Yeah my girlfriend has two, but she needs to stop now. I’ve always said I don’t wanna be with someone who has loads of tats.”

And let’s just take a minute here to think about the fact that these men, these fine upstanding men, who have families, wives, girlfriends and daughters are so sickened by the thought of what a relative stranger does with their body that they feel compelled to comment on it.

Like as women, our only job is to stand here and be pretty for strangers?

Like we’re just ornaments and if we do something with our bodies that a man doesn’t approve of, then we are sickening, disgusting, tainted goods.

How about: Fuck you.

And I know, this is kind of strange coming from an erotica author who delights in writing kink scenes, but Jesus fucking wept. Women are not ornaments designed to make you a little hard as we walk down the street just trying to get our fucking groceries bought for the week.

It is not our JOB to look appealing to you.

I am not here to look pretty for men. Fuck you for thinking I am.

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